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The most common types of Association memberships are divided into two categories: Departmental and Individual. South Carolina fire departments may join as their own entity, and any privately owned and operated Fire Department chartered by the State of South Carolina shall be eligible for membership as a Private Fire Department Member. Individual membership categories include Regular Member, Associate Member, Past President Life Member, Life Member, and Affiliate Member. More information on the types of memberships is available in the Association Constitution and Bylaws.

Associate Membership

The Associate Membership is designed for anyone who serves South Carolinians in a safety capacity that complements the mission of the South Carolina State Firefighters’ Association as determined by either staff or the Executive Committee. The annual membership fee is $40 and Associate Members are allowed to participate in the insurance and benefits program. Once an application is approved, the Association will send an email invoice for membership fees.

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Fire Department Membership

A Regularly Organized Fire Department composed of, paid or volunteer members, or a combination of both, which is located within any municipality, county, special purpose fire district, in the State of South Carolina (as defined by Section 23-9-310 and 390 South Carolina State Law), that is qualified to participate in the Firemen's Insurance and Inspection Fund, as evidenced by current certification from the State Fire Marshal shall be eligible for membership as a Regularly Organized Fire Department member.

South Carolina fire departments may join as their own entity and are added and removed through the member database. Regular Member Benefits flyer.

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Past President & Life Membership

The final categories of membership are the Past President Life Membership & Life Membership. Neither pay annual fees, but both may pay to participate in the insurance program.

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Affiliate Member

The Affiliate Member is for non-fire service personnel and dues are $10 for individuals and $100 for corporations. Additionally, the Association offers Corporate Sponsorships with sizeable benefits for partners.

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