SCSFA Training

Training Overview

The South Carolina State Firefighters’ Association has four flagship events that make up its Quarterly Training schedule. The first quarter of the Association’s fiscal year in the fall is the Quarterly Training, a day-long business meeting and seminar event. Fire Service Improvement Conference is the quarterly training of the winter; Legislative Day in the spring; and Fire-Rescue conference in the summer.

Fire Service Improvement Conference

The Fire Service Improvement Conference is a leadership event held in the winter of every year. The weekend-long training includes networking events and seminars for career and volunteer firefighters alike.

Fire Service Improvement Conference Details


Legislative Day

Legislative Day is the Association’s springtime event, where members of the Association, Executive Committee and staff get to meet and mingle with state legislators. The event recognizes the Association’s efforts in being a leader of fire service advocacy and is an opportunity to thank representatives for their support throughout the legislative session.

 Legislative Day Event Details


Fire-Rescue Conference

The Fire-Rescue conference is the South Carolina State Firefighters’ Association’s biggest event of the year. The June event brings in thousands of South Carolina firefighters representing all corners of the state, from the biggest cities to the smallest towns, to experience first-class hands-on trainings and seminars, socialize with peers, and check out the latest gadgets from vendors and sponsors.

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Fall Quarterly Training

Quarterly Training is a day-long business meeting and seminar event held in the fall. Committee reports are given during the business meeting and speakers present talks relevant to the fire service and management.

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