Sam Carbis Scholarship Application

Sam Carbis invented the aluminum fire ladder and launched the Alco-Lite ladder (Sam Carbis Solutions Group, LLC) brand in his garage in 1930.  This developed into an industry which changed the face of the fire service forever.  Today Alco-Lite Ladders (Sam Carbis Solutions Group, LLC) can be found proudly supporting firefighters around the world.

To demonstrate that support, Sam Carbis Solutions Group, LLC (Alco-Lite) annually gives $1,000.00 to the South Carolina State Firefighters’ Foundation in honor of Sam Carbis.  These funds are used to provide scholarships for South Carolina volunteer firefighter recruit training.

Complete and submit the application online. As part of the application, the applicant must also scan and submit a letter of support from their fire chief and a letter of support from anyone of their choice. Applicants will also be asked to provide a statistical form with all applications to allow the foundation to provide statics of applicants and awardees.  This information will not be used to determine the awardees.

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