Health & Safety

A healthy fire service is a productive fire service. When you don't make yourself a priority, you're doing yourself and the community an injustice. The health and safety of our state’s firefighters is a critical component of the Association’s mission. We're here to help educate you on best health and safety practices.

Health and Safety Bingo

Your favorite family-friend game night activity just got an upgrade. Play along with the Health and Safety Committee’s bingo to be entered to win a YETI cooler!

The themed bingo card includes activities that address cancer prevention and proper decon, heart health, diet and exercise, fireground safety, and personal safety. The interactive activity allows for independent and group learning that promotes the importance of having a vested interest in your long-term health.

“Our health and safety as firefighters is a crucial part in serving our communities and our families,” said Horry County Capt. Brad Kavetski, chair of the Health and Safety Committee. “Often seen as an afterthought, taking proactive steps to maintain a healthy lifestyle both on and off duty as well as executing safe practices on the emergency scene ensure a long injury-free career and a prosperous retirement.”

Playing is easy. Print the bingo card, complete the activities and mark with an “X” when it is complete, fill out the contact information on the card, and send a copy of the completed card to [email protected]. Bingo cards can be emailed as a PDF or picture.

Each completed activity equals one prize entry.

The Health and Safety Committee has a list of readily available resources to help you complete your bingo card.

Bingo cards should be submitted no later than October 1, 2024.


Fighting fires demands a certain level of physical aptitude. Not only does being physically fit help you on scene, but it also keeps you healthy and extends your life expectancy. Physical fitness is important and is critical for your health, but most effective when incorporated into a wholistic health plan that also includes nutrition and mental health.

  • Physical fitness
  • Heart health

Fitness resources


Wellness is a hot topic, particularly in the fire service. It encompasses a wide variety of topics, each just as important as the last. Wellness includes nutrition, behavioral and mental health, cancer prevention and so much more. It’s an overall state of being that is actively pursued.

  • Nutrition
  • Behavioral health
  • Mental health
  • Alcohol and drug
  • Cancer

Cancer resources 

Wellness resources


Workplace safety is the umbrella that covers all dangers that firefighters face. From ladder to fireground safety, the Association aims to emphasize the importance of maintaining best-practice safety protocols.

  • Workplace safety
  • Ladder safety
  • Distracted driver and road safety
  • Safety Stand Down Day (hydration)
  • Fireground safety

Safety resources