Grants & Financial Applications

Grant Assistance

Foundation grants are awarded to assist individuals who experience tragedy or hardship due to circumstances beyond their control and demonstrate a financial or otherwise immediate need. The grants are available for those who experience natural disasters, home fires, medical emergency, act of terrorism or otherwise personal tragedy. Submit an application, letter from local Fire Chief and statistical information to the Association’s office in Columbia.


Who is eligible?

The following class of persons are our "Fire Family" and are eligible to receive grants.


How much are grants? 

An individual may receive more than one grant. Each grant request will be evaluated separately. The Foundation will determine whether to award multiple grants based on all relevant factors, including the individual’s need and particular circumstances, the total amount of funds that the Foundation has available for grants, and the amount and needs of other applicants. The grant recipient may receive a minimum of $250 and maximum of $1,500 per grant awarded. 


How do I submit an application?

Complete and submit the form below. Upon submitting the application, a prompt will appear to submit a voluntary statistic form. The statistic form can be scanned and emailed to [email protected].

Recipient information

Minimum request is $250 and a max of $1,500.

Please include with the application, if appropriate and possible under the circumstances: 1. Supporting documentation of the need, such as incident, police, medical report, newspaper, etc. 2. Documentation of the expense, such as a bill or fee estimate.

Monthly income and expenses

If applicable


By verifying below, I certify that all of the information and documentation that I have provided to the South Carolina Firefighters Foundation on, and in connection with, this application is true, correct and complete, to the best of my knowledge. I understand that: • The Foundation is a Section 501(c)(3) tax-exempt nonprofit corporation, and is subject to various legal requirements in awarding grants under the Foundation. • Additional information and documentation may be required (1) in order to qualify for a grant, and/or (2) after a grant is made, to confirm that the grant funds were used for the intended purposes (e.g., receipts). The Foundation will determine in its sole discretion whether the documentation provided is sufficient. • The Foundation seeks to support individuals who are eligible for assistance under the Grant Making Guidelines. However, eligibility for a grant does not guaranty that a grant will be awarded. All grants will be made by the South Carolina State Firefighters Foundation in its sole discretion. • By signing this form, I acknowledge and agree that if a grant is awarded: (1) the grant funds must be used for the purposes described in this application, and (2) any amounts not used for those purposes (or other purposes subsequently approved by the Foundation) must be returned to the Foundation.