Chief Louis Behrens Scholarship Application

Chief Louis Behrens was Fire Chief in The City of Charleston for 25 years and was a faithful member of his department for a total of 58 years. Chief Behrens was the creative visionary and a co-founder of the South Carolina Firefighter’s Association, as well as its first President. Chief Behrens worked to promote and led the South Carolina Firefighters’ Association for 27 years. Chief Behrens works tirelessly to get the Fireman’s Fund Bill, in 1910, known today as the One Percent Fund. 

The South Carolina Firefighters’ Foundation has established an annual scholarship to honor the dedication and love that Chief Louis Behrens gave to the citizens of the State of South Carolina and South Carolina’s fire service.    

For application, please complete the information below. The contents will outline the background and criteria for this scholarship. 

Complete and submit the application online. As part of the application, the applicant must also scan and submit a letter of support from their fire chief and a letter of support from anyone of their choice. Applicants will also be asked to provide a statistical form with all applications to allow the foundation to provide statics of applicants and awardees.  This information will not be used to determine the awardees.

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