Fitness in Action Award Application

The Fitness in Action Award is given to one Career, one Combination, and one all-Volunteer Fire Department that has made significant contributions to improving one’s lifestyle or that of its members as a whole. Please review the information below that outlines the background and criteria for this award and then complete the following information. Your nomination must be completed online using the form below.  All nominations will be evaluated by the Health and Safety Committee and submitted to the Executive Committee for selection. All awards will be presented at the annual conference.

Nominee Criteria

Health and Wellness is a broad and multidimensional concept that includes many components such as: Safety, Medical, Physical Fitness, Nutrition, and Behavioral Health. For example, an individual can be very physically fit, but may be struggling with depression or be experiencing other stressors. While your program may not include all components listed above, if you can demonstrate an interactive process where your program promotes medical screenings, physical fitness, good nutrition, and/or addresses such issues as emotional health, suicide prevention, substance abuse, etc. and you have a success story of how this/these programs enhanced an individual(s) or your overall department, then we want to hear from you.

Program components include safety, medical, physical fitness, nutrition, and/or behavioral health