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Nathan Ellis receives Medal of Valor

June 28, 2024

Myrtle Beach Fire Department Firefighter Nathan Ellis received the 2024 Jeffrey Vaden Chavis Medal of Valor Award from the South Carolina State Firefighters’ Association during its annual Fire-Rescue Conference.
Firefighter Ellis was off duty the Saturday before Easter and celebrating the holiday with family when he noticed smoke rising from the house across the street. With no air pack or personal protective equipment, Firefighter Ellis took charge of the scene to search for victims.
“He has that DNA makeup where something goes wrong, he’s going to jump in,” Myrtle Beach Fire Department Chief Tom Gwyer said of Firefighter Ellis.
In the face of uncertain danger, Firefighter Ellis relied on his training and faith to save the 4 occupants.
“He is an absolute example of what we’re looking for, in a fellow human being, a neighbor, and certainly a fireman,” Myrtle Beach Fire Department Battalion Chief Henry Hickman said about Firefighter Ellis.
“You don’t serve because you have to, you serve and help people because you really want to,” Firefighter Ellis remarked.

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